The 7 Curry Tour


The 7 Curry is a local vegetarian specialty beloved by the Guyanese. The tour consists of gathering the water lily leaves to serve as your plate, visiting the local market to gather the vegetables and spices for the curries and introducing you to the wonderful exotic fruits. We will then visit the rainforest herbalists who have inherited a tradition of healing using the riches from the rainforest. We will enjoy fresh coconut water straight out of the nut before going to a local dhal puri shop where Tony and his lovely family will show you how to make the dhal puri which you can taste straight off the griddle whilst sipping a local fresh fruit juice. Then it’s time to go to the secret garden to show you how to cook the 7 curries. The garden is shaded with luscious fruit trees and is a hidden gem of a location in Georgetown.

7 curry is traditionally cooked outside so you will be taken through the process of how each curry is made and learn some of the techniques from Eon John the Singing Chef

Delicious homemade fruit cordial and marsala tea is served during the cooking

We then introduce you to the spices used both in the 7 curries and the marsala tea. Special attention is paid to the health-giving properties of the 10 different spices used.

As soon as the curries are all cooked, we will all sit down together and enjoy. Photo opportunities abound as you are pictured making the curries and then eating them in your own gathered lotus leaf plate in a beautiful garden setting.

To finish Eon John the Singing Chef, Eon John will take to the stage for your private concert of lovingly crafted Guyanese songs.

  • Company Name: Singing Chef Adventures
  • Duration: 5 Hours
  • Minimum number of passengers: 2
  • Maximum number: 18 persons
  • pecial Conference Discount price of $US 100 per person inclusive of food pickups transportation.
  • Contact information: E: [email protected] Tel: +592 695 9065