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Youth engagement forum

Invited speakers, young professionals and government agencies will come together and discuss the opportunities and specific challenges that exist for youth. Presentations will be centered around management skills, entrepreneurship, mentorship and energy sector skills development. Following the main session, participants will be provided with unique opportunities to learn from and engage with leading experts in the areas mentioned above and will be able to ask questions and network.

We hope to ensure that there is sustainability with this event by announcing a mentorship programme that will be championed by the Guyana Energy Conference & Supply Chain Expo.


At the Guyana Energy Conference & Supply Chain Expo there will be several side events including workshops. Workshops are intended to improve skillsets of delegates and participants. A full listing of workshops will be released soon.

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Take the chance to explore Guyana’s rich culture and adventurous lands with our local tours. From the pristine and beautiful rainforest and hinterland regions to the bustling city of Georgetown, you are exposed to a people of hospitality and a wide variety of tastes in all fashions, foods and wildlife.

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