A Taste of Freedom Tour


A journey into the history of slavery and the struggle for freedom culminatingin the newly freed African slaves purchasing their villages.

We will  visit the Kofi statue  who led the first slave uprising coupled with an explanation of his role in the history

We will then visit the 1823 Rebellion Monument and learn about the rebellion and the part the church  and the abolitionists played in the slave’s final emancipation

Then journey to the village of Victoria, the first village in Guyana to be purchased by the freed ex-slaves.

Then on to the site of the Buxton Train station and view the spot where the train was stopped by the freed female ex-slaves who were protesting to the Governor. about the high taxes imposed on them. Then on to meet one of the ex-slave ladies who stopped the train. Her granddaughter Auntie Gloria is a 3rd generation herbalist who like her mother before her and her mother before her has been treating the people of Buxton for all their lives.

It’s on to the Buxton Friendship Museum. Here is where we will have a guided tour on the history of the freed slaves in Buxton, and how it was born. We will then start to create the delicious traditional dishes of Cook up rice Metamgee with pumpkin dumplings and fried rice followed by conkee .a typical African dessert. whilst being entertained by the sound of African drumming. After the meal, we will gather the wild black sage and show you how to make toothbrushes.

Then it’s time to go back to Georgetown with heads full of stories and culture and belly full of food in the African tradition

Your tour guide for this tour has worked in Guyana in the fields of biomass gasification and energy crop plantations, and would be happy to answer questions on the tour.

  • Company Name: Singing Chef Adventures
  • Duration: 6 Hours
  • Minimum 4 people
  • Maximum 18 people
  • Special Conference Discount price of $US 140 per person inclusive of food, pickups and transportation.