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Sharlene Seegoolam
Sharlene Seegoolam

Managing Director of SLB in Guyana, Trinidad & the Caribbean

Sharlene S. Seegoolam is currently the Managing Director of SLB in Guyana, Trinidad & the Caribbean. She has comprehensive experience of leveraging technical and commercial solutions to align with customers’ interests and to ultimately drive outperformance. She has worked in various leadership roles in the company, including Global Account Director in the United Kingdom and Sales & Marketing Manager in Australia, China, and Indonesia. Most recently, she was the Global Director of Sales & Commercial – Practices & Planning.

An honors graduate of the University of the West Indies in Electrical & Computer Engineering, Sharlene began her career with field assignments in Argentina and Trinidad & Tobago. More recently, she has studied General Management Theory at Wharton and Yale.

Sharlene is a longtime proponent for Diversity and Inclusion both in STEM and in Sales and has been actively involved in DEI efforts in SLB and in the industry. She has served on the SLB Sales & Commercial Gender Balance Committee and has been an active advocate for Women in Sales.