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DuraVilla Homes Guyana Inc
DuraVilla Homes Guyana Inc

DuraVilla Homes Guyana Inc (Duravilla). was established in 2008 as an offspring from its affiliate companies – Woods Direct International LLC and Durable Wood Products Inc.

From sustainable harvesting of trees to processing of wood into finished products, the vision of the company has always been to have an integrated operation to maximize the use of its forest resources. Through the value chain, DuraVilla was formed to offer a complete modular house. With the realization of the vision, the company is now providing a wider range of products such as doors, floors, walls, ceiling, steps, decking, moulding, cabinets, and more.

The company recognises the increasing demand for and affordable building solution. DuravIlla Homes intends to meet this demand by continuously utilising alternative building materials with low carbon footprint and timber sourced from a sustainability managed forest.