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Environmental Sciences Limited (ESL)
Environmental Sciences Limited (ESL)

Environmental Sciences Limited (ESL) core resource base comprises of qualified and experienced professionals as well as international partners and consultants that provide support for environmental research, marine, coastal and land-based projects.

Environmental Sciences Limited (ESL) retains expertise from the local and foreign industries familiar with upstream and downstream oil and Gas practices, engineering and scientific industrial specifications, in addition to a thorough understanding of the current legislation, in particular, the area of relevant environmental legislation for marine, coastal and land impact assessments, risk assessments and social assessments. Environmental Sciences Limited is currently partners with leading companies who specialize in specific oceanography, numerical sediment transport, scour modeling studies and high-level preparation of impact assessments. ESL also provides the full range of Environmental deep water baseline and sea floor characterization assessment , pre and post drill base line surveys ,oil spill trajectory modeling through its affiliation with Tetra Tech. Tetra Tech is a leader in the field of coastal and marine modeling, Oil Spill Trajectory and prediction, sediment transport and effluent plume modeling. The company has also worked with IRC, and other international partners on various projects.

ESL also utilizes the services of a high-level risk assessment specialist for various levels of risk assessments (hazards identification, qualitative and quantitative QRA risk assessment) for specific projects.

ESL’s core business stream includes the provision of technical and environmental studies and assessment solutions, engineering, design and project management services for the energy upstream and downstream industries as well as port and jetty development.

ESL’s Environmental Management System (EMS) has been developed to provide quality policies and procedures. The company provides full time resources to maximize our quality system and update our EMS including ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation.

ESL takes pride in having local staff, which gives the company a better understanding of the areas within Guyana, Suriname, Trinidad and the wide CARICOM region. This local content is a valuable resource specific to the local diversity and variety of projects the company engages in.