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Suriname Guyana Chamber of Commerce
Suriname Guyana Chamber of Commerce

The Suriname Guyana Chamber of Commerce performs the functions of a chamber representing the bilateral relationship between businesses in Guyana and Suriname with an interest in facilitating collaboration, promoting investment opportunities, and fostering strong partnerships to drive economic growth, strength investment relationship and enhance the prosperity between Suriname and Guyana.
The company was established on 7th February 2020 with its registered office located at Plantation A Houston Georgetown, Guyana. Construction of the facility begun around July 2020, which was completed and commissioned in April 2021. The company was form out of a partnership between GYSBI and Gaico Construction and Lamor Group. The core operations are to provide Hazardous and Non Hazardous waste management treatment and solutions using state of the art and modern technology mainly in the oil and gas sector. To expand further, these services includes the treatment of drilling waste, slops/sludges, contaminated oily water and solids etc.

The company also provide vessel tank cleaning services, which is very labour intensive, highly complexed and risky. The unique nature of this job requires a highly skilled work force with specialized equipment and tools with a high degree of understanding and knowledge of confined space entry and working enclose areas.

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