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Amaranth Business Solutions Limited
Amaranth Business Solutions Limited

With a rich 100-year history, Amaranth Business Solutions Limited, is a leading provider of Integrated Digital Services and Workplace Design; you can count on us for your success in your business! Companies who partner with us have seen results of a reduction in their operating costs, improved efficiencies, some by as much as 30% and most importantly, their productivity has increased by as much as 10%.
Additionally, these companies have access to multi-disciplined teams of qualified and experienced personnel. Join us as a partner and you will enjoy a network of professionals that is unrivaled in the Caribbean basin from Jamaica to Suriname. Your projects will be successful and give a positive return on the investment by leveraging this extensive team of experts.
Our integrated digital services carry both hardware, software and services components.
Our solutions are wide and varied. To make it easy for you, our solutions have been divided into 3 categories:

Customers, who want efficient technology choose us to equip their businesses. Our integrated solutions include Multifunction Printers & Scanners, Office furniture & Fit-outs, Financial self-service – ATM’s along with a host of other communication and collaborative solutions for an always connected workplace. These hardware solutions come with managed services arrangements which offers executives peace of mind and longer uptimes.

The future of work is evolving and our solutions can be customized and designed to fit the needs of your changing ways of work, ensuring that people are Connected no matter the work space or environment. These include: Collaboration & Video Conference Rooms, Intelligent Classrooms, varied systems and standalone furniture and the consulting and space design needed to build the perfect space for you.

Our Software solutions include Content Management & Process Optimization, Managed Services for process workflow, Business Optimization and IT Remote monitoring, Management & Security. These services put you in the driver seat to unleash the potential of your people and your business. Customers who have completed projects agree that their potential is unleashed when they begin to digitally transform their way of doing business.


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