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Georgetown Guyana Group
Georgetown Guyana Group

Georgetown Guyana Group Guyana is described as a Mexican business group with operations in Georgetown, Guyana. The group is involved in various sectors, including environmental, energy, air transport, technology, and goods and services in South America.

  1. Business Consulting: The group provides support to strategic partners in obtaining business opportunities in Guyana.

  2. Aggregates: Through the subsidiary ARES CONSTRUCTION CONSORTIUM, the group offers high-quality materials such as gravel stones and aggregates, with shipments by ships of 30 thousand tons per trip.

  3. Business Registration: Assistance in completing procedures to register a company in Guyana.

  4. Government Relations: The group has developed ties with Guyanese authorities to address the government's needs in the developing nation.

  5. Business Relations: Networking with local entrepreneurs to connect clients with high-quality goods and services.

  6. Participation in Tenders: The office in Guyana monitors public and private tenders, evaluating opportunities and supporting clients with the necessary paperwork.

  7. Environmental Consulting: Emphasis on environmental respect and sustainability amid development, particularly considering the proximity to the Amazon jungle.


The website mentions partners involved in various sectors, including a construction consortium, a technology company specializing in smart cities, an aerial services company, a developer of technological solutions, and a company offering sustainability services with a focus on environmental impact reduction.

Contact Information:

  • Address:

  • Phone: Mex +52 33 3496 8861, Gy +592 650 0373

  • Email: info@3guyana.com