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Ministry of Natural Resources
Ministry of Natural Resources

The Ministry of Natural Resources in Guyana plays a pivotal role in the sustainable management and development of the country's rich natural resources. Its primary focus areas include mining, forestry, energy, and environmental conservation. The ministry oversees policies, regulations, and initiatives aimed at harnessing natural resources while ensuring environmental preservation and social responsibility.

In mining, it promotes responsible extraction practices and endeavors to maximize the sector's contribution to the national economy while mitigating environmental impacts. The ministry also manages the forestry sector, emphasizing sustainable forestry practices and conservation efforts to preserve Guyana's vast rainforests and biodiversity.

With the discovery of significant oil reserves offshore, the ministry has been deeply involved in the development and management of the burgeoning oil and gas industry, working on regulations, contracts, and strategies for resource utilization to benefit the nation's development.

Additionally, the Ministry of Natural Resources collaborates with various stakeholders, including local communities, international organizations, and industry players, to ensure inclusive and environmentally conscious management of Guyana's natural resources for present and future generations.