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MODEC has been a leading provider of solutions for the floating offshore oil and gas market for over 50 years. In its operations all over the globe, MODEC delivered 55 floating units projects and has 4 units under construction.

The company was founded in Japan and is present in over 15 countries. The integration of its teams around the world gives MODEC the opportunity to develop and share a high level of skill. The company has a strong commitment to sustainable growth, not only with the environment, but also with the involvement and development of local communities.

In its operations globally, MODEC always works to value the local expertise, develop partnerships, transfer knowledge, and boost the country’s economy. In addition, the company has also embarked in a journey towards operation excellence, starting with a holistic business transformation, which led the way into implementation of a digital and agile way of working.

MODEC has important experiences both onshore and offshore, that have been generating positive and relevant impact in the locations where it operates.