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Welcome to Quality Schools International (QSI) Georgetown, Guyana. QSI Guyana is one of 37 schools today. QSI is found in 31 different countries on five continents. The schools worldwide represent over 125 nations with 6,500 students and growing. Nearly all these schools were established at the request of personnel in a US Embassy or other international organization (UN organizations and oil companies, for example).

We adhere to Mastery Learning, an educational approach in which students must achieve mastery of a subject before moving forward to learn subsequent information about a subject; learning builds on established understanding. Students are given the time and support they need to reach mastery.

We choose mastery learning because more students achieve higher and more enduring results.

We expect every student to be successful and we create the conditions for this success.

Smaller class sizes, instruction based on student’s needs, higher order thinking and more.