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Western Logistics (Guyana) Inc.
Western Logistics (Guyana) Inc.

Western Logistics (Guyana) Inc is an indigenous Guyanese company. The company is owned 100% by Guyanese. It’s a locally incorporated and operated company designed to meet the growing demand for services in the energy sector.

Western Logistics (Guyana) Inc holds the fourth largest market share of logistics, immigration, chandlery and re-supply to Guyana’s Oil and Gas Industry. We boast being the only ISO Certified Chandlery company in Guyana. Established in 2017, the company has grown significantly in the past years. Participation in national scale projects continues to grow in tandem with the growth of the industry.

Pandora Energy Inc also an indigenous Guyanese company established under the laws of Guyana, which is owned 100% by Guyanese nationals. The main focus of Pandora Energy Inc is the placement of well-trained personnel to be employed in the Oil and Gas/Energy Sector.

Pandora Energy Inc established in 2017, manages crewing for over 75% of vessel owners operating offshore Guyana. We recruit and shortlist the most qualified vessel crews, additionally training them where necessary to increase their value to our clients.