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LSK Surveying
LSK Surveying

Formed in 2000, L &S Surveying Services Limited has established itself as one of the leading surveying companies in Trinidad and Tobago.

Offering a full range of surveying and mapping services, using a combination of established best practices and modern techniques, L&S provides its clients with a superior range of surveying solutions.

In 2016 the Guyana office was established to provide these advanced services to the Industry.

Kojac is one of Guyana’s most recognized suppliers of office equipment. Over the years its managing Director Komal Ramnauth has stewarded Kojac into being an industry leader through vision, strategic planning and exemplary customer relations.

Recognizing the need for these advanced services in the energy sector saw the coming together of L&S and Kojac to form “LSK Surveying Services Guyana Inc.” in 2022.

Our Services:

  • Sub-Surface Surveying (Underground Utility Detection Services)

  • Photogrammetric Mapping

  • 3d Laser Scanning

  • Dimension Control and Pipeline Surveying