Kayaking, Jet Ski rides, Nature Tour



  1. Kayaking Tour (GYD$6,500 or USD$35): includes mini hiking in the sand hills to get beautiful pictures from on the mountain tops, kayaking in the blue lake and kara kara creek through a perfect Rainforest setting.
  2. Kayaking Full Tour (GYD$9,500 or USD$50): includes a kayaking tour as described in package 1 with Lunch included at the iconic Watooka guest house and bar.
  3. Ultimate Package (GYD$11,000 or USD$60): includes paintball and kayaking Tour. minimum of 10 persons required.
  4. Jet Ski Ridesonce booked with any of the other packages (GYD$3,000 or USD$15 per ride (12mins) and GYD $5,000 or USD$25 per jet ski Riverfront tour (25-30 mins). Minimum of 6 persons per booking.
  • Company Name: Elite Kayaking and Nature Tours 
  • Duration: 3 –7 hrs.
  • Transportation (optional): GYD$3,000 or USD$15 per person
  • Minimum: 6 persons
  • Maximum: any amount
  • Contact Information: +592 620 4659