Birding in the Botanical Gardens


0545hrs or 1500hrs pickup and transfer to the extensive and beautiful Georgetown Botanical Gardens where, if we are lucky, we will have more views of the Blood-colored Woodpecker. This astonishingly colorful Veniliornis is found only in the Guianas and even there almost wholly limited to the narrow coastal plain.  The gardens host Snail Kite, Gray Hawk, Pearl Kite, Carib Grackle, Red-bellied Macaw, and Red-shouldered.  We will walk on trails in the back of the gardens and may see Yellow-chinned Spinetail, Black-crested Antshrike, Silver-beaked Tanager, Buff-breasted Wren, Golden-spangled Piculet and Ashy-headed Greenlet.  Return to your hotel.

  • Company Name: Wilderness Explorers
  • Duration: 3 hours inclusive of transfers
  • Net Rate:
    • US$ 90.00 for 1 person
    • US$ 45.00 per person, minimum of 2 persons
    • US$ 50.00 per person, minimum of 5 persons
    • US$ 40.00 per person, minimum of 8 persons
  • Rate Includes: Transport, water, juice, guide, VAT
  • Pickup at either Cara Lodge, Guyana Pegasus and Guyana Marriott RATES are subject to change without notice
  • Contact : +592 227 7698 E: [email protected] W:
  • Address: 141 Fourth Street, Campbellville, Georgetown.