ZARA Realty Holdings, Inc.

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ZARA Realty Holdings, Inc. is a family-owned home provider company based in Queens, New York, USA, with a progressive history surpassing four decades. Founded by three brothers in 1982 – George Subraj, Ken Subraj and Dr. Jay Sobhraj – Zara offers clean, safe, comfortable and secure apartments conveniently located adjacent to public transportation hubs and social service offices. In the throbbing melting pot of Queens, with thousands of units on the market, the Zara brothers have justifiably earned the statewide sobriquet as the ‘Kings of Queens’ in the rental industry. Boasting of many accolades and citations, Zara’s partners are also globally recognized as achievers with the Caribbean’s touch of hospitality and humanity. Recently, current president Ken Subraj officially donated a new state-of-the-art, three-storied technical centre to the Government of Guyana as a testament of their philanthropy, to aid Guyana’s energy industry through technical vocational training. As a mechanical engineer, Ken’s rich vein of experience in this particular industry is amply magnified by the decades of service he provided in the Middle East as Chief Mobilizing Manager on mega oil and gas projects in Oman, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, etc. Executive Vice-President Dr. Jay Sobhraj has also secured a place of lasting eminence donating a desired, national Mental Health Education building at the University of Guyana; apart from funding 20 modern computer centers across religious and social spheres, all providing free, certified, and regionally endorsed training for its registrants. Preceding most of the nobility, as mentioned above, of serving one’s homeland, is Zara’s Founding President’s George Subraj thrust into the historical records in the field of medicine in Guyana, when in 2008 he pioneered Guyana’s first kidney tissue transplant with a team from Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Washington, DC, USA. George also provided follow-up funding annually for many more transplantations for the less fortunate; while simultaneously developing other critical health departments, including his association with the Caribbean Heart Institute for open-heart pediatric surgery, corneal transplant, and free nationwide health clinics in conjunction with the Ministry of Health, Guyana.