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Noble has been contracted to complete the drilling of wells as part of the exploration and development of offshore assets. Noble’s essential objective for the Guyanese Development Plan is to continue to set the strategy to support EEPGL with efforts to develop the local oil and gas industry and contribute to the sustainable development of offshore energy exploration in Guyana.

We started our Guyana operation with a commitment to help grow a Guyanese national workforce who could benefit from the thousands of jobs the energy sector brings. This requires providing the necessary education and skills that oil and gas development needs. The Noble Bob Douglas drillship arrived in Guyana in March of 2018 with eighteen Guyanese personnel on board, and through the hard work of both the individual workers and their mentors, our Guyanese workforce has grown to over 300, and is an integral part of our teams onboard the Noble Bob Douglas, and our other drillships, Noble Tom Madden, Noble Don Taylor, and Noble Sam Croft.